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Shadow on Concrete Wall
Jean Ho.jpeg

Jean Ho 琴子

Jean Ho is an aspiring artist with a passion for the Chinese Ink Painting.

Jean’s entry into the world of fine arts at the age of 15 when her talents were discovered by Professor 沈观德, a Fine Arts professor at Nanyang University back in the 1980s. During then, Jean was personally mentored by Professor 沈观德 who helped her to develop her skills in painting flowers and landscapes. Her interests were fuelled when she also picked up oil painting lessons at Studio Miu Art School under the tutelage of Miss Maya, a Japanese artist, to diversify and experiment with different forms of painting.  

In a marriage of work and hobby, she eventually founded Lovely De Art, a retail outlet that specialises in the sales of paintings, artistic decorations, sculptures, fabric art, and handicraft Items. Frequently, she would travel overseas to source for products and visit museums, all of which refined her ability to discern quality art pieces in the market, and inspired her to create pieces of her own.

To date, Jean has been a student of Ms. Liu Mei Xiang for 2 years learning Lingnan form of Chinese Ink Painting and is a member of the Society of  Chinese Artists. She has also participated in The Society of Chinese Artists Annual Art Exhibition 2019 at the Ion Art Gallery with her work well-received.

Most of Jean’s painting is influenced by her deep appreciation for the timeless romance of nature and the simple pleasure of a typical walk in the mountains.


Through her painting, she hopes to bring the soothing qualities of nature closer to everyone’s home and to help them achieve relaxation and inspire a movement to explore more of what the world has to offer. ​

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