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June Lim 林彩云


There is a place in our hearts where our dreams can grow, rain or shine. 

June Lim is an emerging artist. She grew up in the countryside surrounded by nature. She loved playing and running about in the wilderness with her siblings . During her days at Nanyang Girls High School, she studied Art under the watchful eyes of her art teacher, 陈子恺老师. This provided her with a strong foundation in painting and drawing. 

Prior to studying in London, she was a journalist for local magazines and she now uses this skill to incorporate poems in many of her paintings. In her early 20s, she pursued her studies in Computer Science in London. Upon completion of her studies, she returned to Singapore to work in computer software project design , development and management.

June retired in 2014 and picked up painting as a casual hobby.

She ponders over a cup of black coffee as the symphony of nature floats in her mind; her brush and poems dancing with the music. She feels like the clouds floating in the sky and captures their freedom in her paintings.


June is a member of Singapore Art Society.


June held her first solo exhibition “Sanctuary” from 16 -26 November 2019.


In January 2020, June was one of the artists featured in “The SAS Virtual Exhibition 2021”.


“每个人心里都有一亩田; 一亩梦田;



There is a special place in everyone’s heart, filled with love and dreams.

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