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Shadow on Concrete Wall
Kow Deon Profile

Kow Deon 高婷

高婷 1953年生于馬来西亜柔佛卅,新加坡公民,自幼受家父的影响,喜爱中华艺术文化,70年代先后学習水彩及水墨画,后于80年代即专心水墨画的創作,水彩及水墨画作品皆多次入选全国国庆美展,被評为用笔豪邁有力,构图大胆简洁。


Deon studied Chinese floral brush painting and calligraphy under renowned artists. Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in 1986. Since then, participated in Molan Art Society Annual Exhibition and numerous exhibitions include:

1976 – 2019 National Day Art Exhibition 

1985  Joint Exhibition (Australia ) 

1994  Exchanges Exhibition In Shantou studio 

2017  Fan Chang Tien and His School of lnk Artists Exhibition 

Kow Deon

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