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Shadow on Concrete Wall
LuoMeiXiang Profile.jpeg

Lau Bee Heong 刘美香

Since young she has been very keen in general drawing and painting.

She honed her technique will several professional artists before mastering the ‘Lingnan” form of Chinese Ink painting under Master James Tan.

Her Chinese Ink was very well received by several exhibitions and besides selling those, she had also been specially commissioned by collectors for particular pieces.

Still, her fascination with the medium of oil saw her ‘going back to school’ at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts before joining one of its masters, Professor Chang Xi Hua (deceased) from China.


She successfully exhibited her oil painting collection recently even though she has long associated with Chinese ink.

· 2004-2019 She has been teaching Chinese Ink painting to private groups

· 2004 Participated in several exhibitions

·  Goresan Persahabatan at World Trade Center Building, Sudirman,    Jakarta

· 2005-2015 Group exhibitions both local and oversea

· 2016 Solo Exhibition Singapore

· 2017 Group Exhibition

· 2018 Group Exhibition

· 2019 Teaches Chinese Ink Painting at the Society of Chinese Artists

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