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Boris Leong梁兆豪

Boris venture into the world of chinese art many years ago. He kicked off his art journey with chinese calligraphy. He started learning 'Yan script' (颜体) in Chinese calligraphy society of Singapore since 2016 and manage to exhibit his first calligraphy art work in the following year in the 'Golden Age Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition' (黄金岁月书法展). 


He has been participating in the Chinese calligraphy exhibition for 3 consecutive years and had been awarded with 陈勤川长青书法奬. Not feeling contented, he started learning chinese ink painting with a chinese artist  from Guang Dong on 2019.


Since then, chinese ink painting had been his favourite past time. The lesson has been put on hold currently due to the pandemic. However, this does not stop him from learning and sharpening his painting skills. He make an effort to practice chinese ink painting whenever he is free and he will continue to do so to perfect his skill.

Boris has been a proud hawker for the past 10 years. He considered this journey of art as his 'second spring' which make him feel lively and excited again to see his achievement in a brand new terrain. 

梁兆豪从多年前开始他对中华艺术的探索。他的艺术征途从钻研书法。 2016年,他参加新加坡书法协会并开始学习书法中的颜体。短短一年时间,他的书法作品已经达到了展出水平。






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