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In line with the upcoming Duan Wu Festival, Goh Loo Club in conjunction with SDB Art Space ( is organising a Charity art exhibition from 7th to 9th June 2019 at our Goh Loo Club.

This is an unusual art event, featuring 20 local accomplished artists, all of whom have made significant contributions to Singapore’s Art Scene. Some created public sculptures while others are avid lovers of nature seen through their paintings of flowers and all things nature. Be prepared to also see portraits of famous personalities drawn to the finest details.

There will also be a wall filled with paintings by local artists with disabilities, whom we endearingly name ‘Differently Bestowed Artists’.

More so, part of the sales proceeds will go towards Goh Loo Club’s cultural activities fund which is primarily used to promote and preserve the Chinese Culture which we believe strongly in.

©2021 by SDB Art Space. 

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