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Shadow on Concrete Wall
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Ying Wai Lin 英惠莲

Lawyer Wai Lin, YING calls herself the Weekend Artist® and creates artworks to transcend the humdrum of daily goings-on.

"I feel happy when I paint; no misgivings, no doubts or apprehension.  The fact that art can be created from one’s imagination – it’s creativity unlimited”.

The Artist works mainly with oil on canvas.  Ying started painting in 2005 when she enrolled for an art course at NAFA International. She has since held two solo art exhibitions, the first at the NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House in November 2011 and the other at Galeri Utama, Singapore.

She has also donated an artwork entitled “Loreta, Prague” to the Singapore University of Technology and Design in February 2012.

Ying also does commissioned works of art for private sales.

Her artworks can be viewed at her website

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