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Chia Tuck Ming

An artist and his mentor


Tuck Ming (27 years old) enjoys the company of friends; he has a positive and cheerful nature. He currently works part-time in a donut shop.

He picked up painting 2 years ago to join an exhibition and since then he discovered his passions and talents in creating art pieces.

Tuck Ming loves rabbits and keeps them as pets. He enjoys taking care of them and painted portrait of his rabbits



Art is the most important part of Elaine's life. She has incorporated design to different types of crafts and products since 2004. Elaine graduated with a Diploma in Design Communication from Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts and a Degree in Multimedia Bachelor of Arts from Curtin University of Technology. Elaine’s desire to promote green initiatives began in 2004 when she first started scuba diving.


By immersing herself with Mother Nature, she decided to merge her conservation efforts with her crafts. She put together unwanted materials and transformed them into exciting fashion accessories and lifestyle products.

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