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Shadow on Concrete Wall
Stoney Tham 谭文冬.jpeg

Stoney Tham 谭文冬








Stoney Tham the charitable artist is a lover for the natures her inspirations mainly comes from the beautiful natural environment. Some of the pretty serenities outdoor that might be neglected by some passer by were often depicted under her talented brush strokes with her unique discovery and observation.

Stoney Tham is also a full time wellness coach trained in Yoga and Meditation and her philanthropic social works brings her from Singapore to India and Nepal.

In 2008, Stoney did a successful fund raising campaign by using her paintings as the cover page for seasonal greeting cards. The proceedsfrom the sales of these cards went towards the education funding for aschool in Nepal.


In 2010,Stoney further her skills by learning water colour painting under the tutelage of Madam Diana Lim which eventually became her main mode of painting till now. 

Life Member of

  • Singapore Art Society

  • The Society for Chinese Artists

  • Singapore Water Colour Society

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