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Committed To The Social Cause


Art Transforming Lives

THIS PLATFORM is dedicated to the numerous creative young aspiring painters whose artworks will otherwise go largely unnoticed.  They belong to a socially-challenged group often called ‘artists with disabilities’.


Here @SDB Art Space, we recognise them as ‘Differently Bestowed’ individuals, a positive term which is true in the real sense, as they can be as artistically creative as anyone else.  Many may not grow up to be artists in an environment lacking sustainable opportunities to promote their artworks and find buyers.


SDB is a ‘Space for the Differently Bestowed’ artists.  We create openings where they are able to showcase and sell artworks towards nurturing their artistic dream of becoming excellent talents comparable to other practitioners in the Singapore art community.


They mostly need some masterly guidance to bring out the shining gem in them, so, as a deep sign of admiration and gratitude, we feature their respective untiring mentors, too.  Please kindly read through each CV, appreciate the paintings and realise the collective artistic potential.


Buy the artworks to encourage and motivate them to go beyond their current selves.  It is a good deed!


SDB pledges to continue helping them grow in life as worthy artists in their own right.  We look forward to your strong hearty support! 





艺术常被视成奢侈之物,难以维持生计。SDB Art Space 不希望才华让环境埋没及忽略,积极地提供各类画展览销售交流站。借此以便他们能自食其力,有更多机缘增加公众对每幅作品的接触,从观赏买卖过程中认识到知音。





Meet the Differently Bestowed

Leong SiJun

Leong Sijun

he spent most of his time drawing and expressing what he saw

Shalom Ng Chuan Rong

Shalom Ng

the word “Joy” is his unique signature....

Cai Jiewei

Cai Jie Wei

she maintains a hopeful attitude towards her future

Jack Ong

Jack Ong

loves vibrant colours and as he paints he tells a story

Chia Tuck Ming

Chia Tuck Ming

 loves rabbits, keeps them as pets and painted portrait of his rabbits

Koh Chun Qi.jpg

Koh Chun Qi

She was diagnosed with brain tumor at a very young age 

©2021 by SDB Art Space. 

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