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Shadow on Concrete Wall
Ko Suet Mui Karen_edited.jpg

Karen Ko Suet Mui 高雪梅 

Sitting down to paint is the time for self-reflection, communicating ideas and feelings from the inner-self. Karen enjoys the process of placing colors on either paper or canvas, creating paintings of various subject matters in her preferred moods and styles.. 


Every painting is unique as it reflects her state of mind at the time of painting, resulting in different brush strokes,color schemes and designs. She believes life is full of beautiful moments that can be recorded in paintings as a creative alternative to photographs. She always finds natural scenery inspiring, but also enjoys painting regular/everyday objects and people that pique her interest. She is a life member of the Singapore Art Society and has participated actively in various exhibitions.


绘画是画家的沟通工具,把所见所想透过画作,用颜色、笔触和构图等表现出来。所描绘的主题一定具备个人风格, 因为这是画家内心世界的反映, 至真至诚。用心的创作才能打动人心,令人细味。生命充满着美丽动人的时刻,不论自然风光,生活中的人和物, 都能牵动画家的心绪,把他们记录下来,成为一幅一幅的画作;超越语言、地域、种族等局限,与观赏者沟通,引起共鸣,得到欣赏。这大概就是画家们最大的推动力,让他们在创作的路途上继续迈进。

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