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SDB Art Space

Lions Art Fest 2024 Unveils Community-Centric Objectives

The Lions Club of Singapore Fort Canning and SDB Art Space proudly present The Lions Art Fest 2024, dedicated to fostering community engagement and achieving diverse objectives:

1. Empowering Special Needs Communities: We aim to engage and empower individuals with special needs through art creation, providing a platform to showcase their unique expressions and talents.

2. Public Involvement in the Arts: Embrace the joy of art with on-site art jamming and a captivating art gallery, encouraging public participation and fostering a renewed interest in the arts.

3. Collaboration with Lions Befrienders Active Aging Centers: Partnering with Active Aging Centers, we inspire the elderly to explore art as a leisure activity, offering them a medium to express thoughts and emotions.

4. Breaking Records with Painted Lions' Figurines: Join us in breaking the Singapore Book of Records as we showcase the largest number of painted lions' figurines, symbolizing unity and creativity.

This project aims to engage various communities, including children and youth with special needs, beneficiaries of Active Aging Centers, the public of all ages, and local Singaporean artists. We look forward to a vibrant celebration of art, diversity, and community spirit at The Lions Art Fest 2024.

狮子艺术节 2024

新加坡福康宁狮子会自豪地呈现狮子艺术节 2024,致力于促进社区参与并实现多样化的目标:

1. 赋予特殊需求社群力量: 我们旨在通过艺术创作吸引和赋予特殊需求人士力量,提供一个展示他们独特表达和才华的平台。

2. 公众参与艺术: 通过现场艺术彩绘和引人入胜的艺术画展,共享艺术之乐,鼓励公众参与,培养对艺术的新兴兴趣。

3. 与狮子乐龄中心合作: 与乐龄中心合作,激发乐龄人士探索艺术作为休闲活动,为他们提供表达思想和情感的媒介。

4. 以绘制的狮子雕像打破新加坡记录: 加入我们,打破新加坡记录大全,展示最多绘制的狮子雕像,象征着团结和创造力。

该项目旨在吸引包括特殊需求儿童和青少年、乐龄中心受益人、各个年龄段的公众和新加坡本地艺术家在内的各种社群。我们期待在狮子艺术节 2024 上共同庆祝艺术、多样性和社区精神的充满活力的时刻。

Uniting Communities through Art, Charity, and Enduring Enthusiasm.

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