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Koeh Sia Yong

Koeh Sia Yong 


Koh Sia Yong was born in 1938. He graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in western painting in 1958. He is known for his unique artistic style and excellent painting techniques, he is one of the most outstanding and highly collected artists in Singapore today.


Leo Hee Tong

Leo is a Singaporean artists who impacted and helped shape the local art scene. 

 He was also commissioned to produce works that are currently on display in the reception hall of the Istana.

Low Puay Hua

Low Puay Hua

Puay Hua is a well-known  Singapore water  colour artist who graduated from Nanyang   Academy of Fine Arts in 1965 and works with oil and Chinese Ink as well.


SeaH Kang Chui

Seah Kang Chui's portrayal of warm sunshine, sharp shadows, the colours of South East Asia, can be glimpsed in his paintings. For 50 years, he persevered in painting watercolour and it has become an integral part of his life.

Nai Swee Leng Profile.jpeg

Nai Swee Leng

He has been passionate about painting since his childhood days. He has not only learnt Chinese brushworks with respectable masters, including Master of Lingdong style, the late Mr Fan Chang Qian and Master of Lingnan style the late Professor Chao Shao-An in Hong Kong,

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Wong Hai

He learned Western painting with the painter Mr. Lin Jiangqi  back in1970. From 1973, he participated in numerous domestic and international art exhibitions, joint exhibitions of local painters, and at National Day Art Exhibition. 

Ying Wai Lin

Ying Wai Lin

YING calls herself the Weekend Artist® and creates artworks to transcend the humdrum of daily goings-on.

Chua Mui Choo

 Chua Mui Choo

Chua started her Chinese colour painting career under the famous calligrapher and painter Zheng Kang Liang in Singapore, she took part in numerous art exhibitions both locally and abroad since 2004,

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Ng Chay Joo

Ng has been painting for over 18 years and has received many accolades for her artistic creativity. She specilises in Chinese ink painting and excel in Chinese calligraphy.

Ang Gek Hiah

Ang Gek Hiah

Ang hs been active in the art scene of Singapore for many years. Her paintings have been donated for many charities .

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Susan Tan

Graduated from the Art College of Jiangsu University, China, and won an Award at the Art Exhibition of Jiangsu University, and participated in many art exhibitions at home and abroad:

Lau Bee Heong

Lau Bee Heong

Her Chinese Ink were very well received by several exhibitions and besides selling those, she had also been specially commissioned by collectors for particular pieces.

Wilson Chia 谢逊宝

Wilson S P Chia

Wilson's works of art have been sold mainly for charitable causes while others were donated and are on display at homes for the elderly both locally and oversea.

Michael Khoo Profile.jfif

Michael C M Khoo

Born in Singapore. Self taught artists, with an inclination to vibrant water colour, scenary and portraits.


Chew Sweet Fah

Chew is a long-time supporter of charity art activities. He won 2nd prize at the Dr Tan Tze Chor art competition in the western art segment with his "万年红“。

Terrine Tong

Terrine Tong

Has been painting acrylic since 2010. Attained a merit award at Silver Gallery 2018 @ Gardens by the Bay. Participated in a few art exhibitions at home and abroad.

Tracy Oh Swee Ai.jpg

Oh Swee Ai Tracy

She has been invited to exhibit at various international shows and her works have won several art awards in her artistic career.

With numerous exhibitions and solo show, her artworks can be found in the collections of organizations, museums and private individuals.

kc Goh photo2-009A.jpg

Goh Khie Cheng

In realisation of his younger days in painting, he went under master Seow tutelage. Alongside with other renowned artists guidance, his pursuit came to fruition. 

Jean Ho

Jean Ho

Jean’s painting is influenced by her deep appreciation for the timeless romance of nature and simple pleasure of a typical walk in the mountains. 


Evelyn Tan 

She is an avid painter who works in watercolours, oils, pastels and gouache. Her works have gained recognition and she was awarded the special award in the Colours of the Bible exhibition in 2016.


Wendy Low

She is often moved by landscape where buildings and fishing villages predominate. She has an especially fond liking for

watercolour when expressing her love for nature in her paintings.

Ko Suet Mui Karen_edited.jpg

Karen Ko

She believes life is full of beautiful moments that can be recorded in paintings as a creative alternative to photographs

Ong Bee Kheng

Ong Bee Kheng Jasmine

Bee Kheng studied at: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts


· Some Group exhibitions

· Thailand-Malaysia International women artists Exhibition

Chan Yong Song

Chan Yong Song 

He perseveres in improving his painting skills by creating art pieces from both natural sceneries and
historical landscapes.

Diana Lim

Diana Lim 

Diana is also an art trainer at some other well known organisation in singapore, and also a caricaturist recognised by Singapore National art council. 

June Lim

June Lim

June Lim is an emerging artist. She grew up in the countryside surrounded by nature. She loved playing and running about in the wilderness with her siblings 

Jong Lee Kee Profile.JPG

Jong Lee Kee

She specialises in the use of brilliant colours and delicate brush strokes to depict the beauty of nature in watercolours, acrylic and oil paintings.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-17 at 12.52.16.jpeg

Lim Soo Chiew

从年青时就喜欢看有艺术的東西,在中年的时候有跟几位画家学过画也時常有参加画展,在2O16年 我接触了 岭南派的画法我愛上它的顔色彩色很好看很美我好喜欢特别是 莲花的魅力它 带给我幽静 感觉

周喜贞 Chee Hee Cheng

Chee Hee Cheng


Lim Sue Luan Profile.jpeg

Lim Sue Luan



Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 8.18.15 pm.png

Gan Sim Hui

Gan paints leisurely and likes to work with various mediums including water colour, pencil drawing and oil painting. she started painting and drawing in her spare time after her retirement in 2014 and is still enjoying it.

Lee Jee Mui

Lee Jee Mui

Since young, she had always wanted to pick up the ancient technique of Chinese brush painting. wshe as fascinated with the effect of ink, colour and water on paper to produce art. 

Kow Deon 高婷

Kow Deon

Deon studied Chinese floral brush painting and calligraphy under renowned artists. Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in 1986. Since then, participated in Molan Art Society Annual Exhibition and numerous exhibitions

Lee Swee Gim

Lee Swee Gim


Stoney Tham 谭文冬

Stoney Tham

A charitable artist and a lover for the natures her inspirations mainly comes from the beautiful natural environment.

Teo Teck Soon.jpeg

Teo Teck Soon 张德顺

Over the years, his creative styles had evolved from traditional to new forms in ink medium employing new concepts to depict scenes of high-rise buildings here of residential, commercial, religious and institutional domains - executing in his bold and swift manner based on his perception of the scenes then.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-21 at

Tan Lee Wan



Victor Thng

Victor Thng


Victor has a passion for painting as it is an outlet for him to express his feeling and emotions. Painting is a good therapy for him.

Artist Picture - Denise Tong.jpg

Denise Tong Ying Ling 唐燕玲 

After a lifetime in the corporate world, Denise now paints to uncover the myriad of emotions that coloured her life stories.  These found expressions through the spontaneous blend of colours from her palette, transferred in loving caresses of brush strokes on the canvas.

Angela Lau _edited.jpg

Angela Lau

​Currently working as art educator and discovered passion for oil painting through lifelong learning and focus primarily on landscapes and still life.

Wee Ngin Ho 黄月華

Wee Ngin Ho





Linda Quek 郭绍昌

Linda Quek


Linda has been learning Chinese ink painting for a number of years. She is a student of Mr Nai Swee Leng and a member of Molan Art Association.

Lim Yok Mei 玉梅

Lim Yok Mei

Art is an irreplaceable way of understanding and expressing the world. Art has the power to transform , to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate. 

Come, share with me the joy of art !

Ung Choo Hock

Ung Choo Hock


Lam Moi Choon

Lam Moi Choon​蓝梅春

Moi Choon have always had a flair for the arts and literature. She met Mr Zhou by chance, and through him, she learned Chinese ink painting. She finds joy in working with her hands and it is a meaningful and wonderful experience.

Elif Katranci

Elif Katranci

Art is a silent poetry. Elif paints for therapeutic reasons. She loves painting trees, flowers, landscape and abstract in acrylic, oil and spray mediums. Passionate about sending messages to save trees.

Jesline Er Profile.jpeg

Jesline Er

Jesline has been passionate about art since young, learned painting and participated in several painting competitions. She believes art is an perfect canvas to convey positive messages of nature.

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