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Shadow on Concrete Wall
Chua Mui Choo Profile 1.jpeg

Chua Mui Choo 蔡美珠

She started her Chinese colour painting career under the famous calligrapher and painter Zheng Kang Liang in Singapore. Mui Choo has taken part in numerous art exhibitions both locally and abroad for many years, including:

2004 – 2014 - Annual National Teochew Artists Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition,

2010-2014 - National Day Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition and National Female Artists Art Exhibition in Singapore.


Chua was invited in the past few years to participate at numerous oversea exhibitions which include:

Asia Art Exhibition in Korea,

International Art Exhibition in Beijing

Art Exhibition in Inner Mongolia,

International Art Exchange Exhibition between Singapore, China, and Japan;

International Art Exchange Exhibition within Indonesia & Malaysia.


She had donated some of her best paintings for sale at the charity event to raise funds for the disadvantaged groups and will make more contribution for the society in the future.

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