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Jack Ong

An artist and a mentor


Jack Ong, 7 years old, is currently a student at Pathlight School. He enjoys painting and expresses his thoughts through art.


He started painting 1.5 years ago and through art making, he is able to self-regulate and be more focus on task.


He loves vibrant colours and as he paints he tells a story of what he has created.


Karen Lesslar hails from a family of talented self-taught artists and musicians and was exposed to the world of artistic expressions from a young age.


She fondly recalls awakening to the smells of oil paints from her uncle’s room and a jamming session going on in another.


A graduate from LaSalle College of the Arts Singapore, Karen has worked in the fast paced world of the Design Industry until she rediscovered the calmness and therapeutic waves of painting.


She has been an Art Educator for 10 years and takes pleasure in unleashing the inner child in each of us.   

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